Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chapter Executive of PRSI, Hyd Chapter

Mr. N.L.Narasimha Rao, Director, GDC Creative Advertising (P) Ltd., has been elected Chairman, Public Relations Society of India (PRSI), Hyderabad Chapter at the Annual General Meeting of PRSI held here on Sunday the 8th July 2012. The following individuals were elected to constitute the Chapter Executive of Hyderabad Chapter of PRSI for the 2 years term 2012-14 .

Vice Chairman: Dr. J. Chennaiah (PS Telugu University)
Secretary: Mr.D.V.Subbarao (Singareni Collieries)
Treasurer: Mr.V.V. Bhujanga Rao (PR Consultant)
Joint Secretary: Mr.P. Mohan Rao (BR Ambedkar Opvarsity)

Mr.G. Ramakrishna (Hyd Metro Dev Authority) 
Mrs.S. Sujatha, Lecturer (PR & Communication)
Mr.N.S. Ranganath, (M/s Karuna Cables)
Mr.Md. Noorullah Hussain (Markfed)
Mr.Y. Laxminarayana, (ECIL)
Mr. Ch. Trinadha Rao (SBI)

Convener (Prog): 
Ms. Madhu Joshi (The Park Hotels)

Mr.P.B. Raghavendra Rao
Mr.Md. Ibrahim Khan
Mr.Rama Subba Reddi (APCOB)

Dr. C.V. Narasimha Reddi, Former Director, I&PR and Editor PR Voice is National President Emeritious, while Dr. C.G.K. Murthy, IIS (Retd.) will be Chief Advisor.  

Members nominated to National Council are: 
(1) Dr. C.V.Narasimha Reddi, Past National President
(2) Mr.Y. Babji, National Vice President (South)
(3) Mr. Krishna Baji, Past National Vice President (South)
(4) Mr. N.S.Ranganath, and 
(5) Mr.V. Madhu 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Public Relations Day

Silver Jubilee National PR Day - 21st April 2011

With an unprecedented gathering comprised of Public Relations practitioners, Students, Media and the recipients of Awards with their associates, the 21st April 2011 witnessed many a thing at Federation House, celebrating the Silver Jubilee National Public Relations Day on a theme - “Ethics in Governance and Business: Public Relations Perspective”. This is the 5th consecutive National PR day jointly organised by PRSI & GFPR.
In his presidential address, the legendary, Dr. CV Narasimha Reddi stressed upon the need for value education in Public Relations. The Chief Guest, Hon'ble Minister for I & PR, Smt. DK Aruna observed that all developmental works of the Govt. are made visible and audible to the public by the PR set up in the State. The Guest of Honor, Sis Radhika, Chief of BK’s Nagarjuna Management Centre said that business and honesty do not go together, but ethical business is always possible. National President of GFPR, Sis BK Sarala redefined a Shakespearean quote saying “some are born great, some achieve greatness and several engage PR men to do certain great jobs”. Chapter Chairman of PRSI, Sri NL Narasimha Rao announced the launch of Women’s Wing of his Chapter. Sri Krishna Baji, past National Vice President (South), administered a pledge of rededication to the profession by the members of PRSI
The “Best PR Manager of the year” instituted by Dr CV Narasimha Reddi was presented to G Aneeja, Technical Officer, National Academy of Agriculture Research Management, Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad. She is the 15th (and the 1st woman) recipient of this award. [See below for the winners of this award]

Sl No.
PSN Murthy
Ch Manager, PR
Vysya Bank
P Krishnaiah
Chief PRO
South Central Railways
C Elbert
Manager, PR
Krishna Baji
M Krishnanand
Chief PRO
Dr J Chennaiah
Telugu University
A Vishveswar Reddy
Dr BR Ambedkar Open University
S Chandra sekhar
Chief PRO
Singareni Collieries Ltd
Mohana Murthy
D Virinchi
State Bank of Hyderabad
FR Michael
Sr Manager, PR
South Central Railways
Y Babji
AP Khadi & VI Board
K Manohar Achary
Commn. Officer
Dept of Rural Development
S Krishnan
Manager, PR
Indian Airlines
G Aneeja
Tech Officer, PR

The prestigious “Golden Triangle” award of Global Forum for Public Relations was conferred on Prof Ujjwal K Choudhury, Executive Director for Media Studies, International School of Business & Media across all the four campuses at Pune, Kolkata, Noida & Bangalore. He is the 5th recipients of this award since it was instituted. 

Sl No.
K Srinivasan
Primepoint Foundation, Chennai
Yogesh Joshi
Association of Business Communicators of India, Mumbai
MB Jayaram
Chairman, GC
Public Relations Council of India, Bangalore
CJ Singh
Managing Director
Core PR, Chandigarh
Prof Ujjwal K Choudhury
Executive Director
ISB&M, Pune

An autobiography in Telugu, titled “Nannu Nenu Diddikuntu”, literally meaning ‘correcting myself’ was released and the author KMK Rao was felicitated. A souvenir commemorating the XI APPR conference held on 13th Feb 2011 was also released at the function. Students who won places in the patriotic songs competition were given away with certificates by the Chief Guest & other guests. The memento of ‘best chapter’ award won by Hyderabad Chapter for the year 2009-10 was presented to KRK Chary, Past Chairman. The memento that could not be received in Kolkata conference was brought over here.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Women's Wing

Launch of
by PRSI, Hyderabad Chapter

“So long as Women in India do not take equal part with men in the affairs of the World and in religious, social and political matters, we shall not see India’s star rising”
– Mahatma Gandhi
Women in India
The status of women in India has been subject to many great changes over the past few millennia. From equal status with men in ancient times through the low points of the medieval period, to the promotion of equal rights by many reformers, the history of women in India has been eventful.
As per 2011 census, for every 1000 males, there are 914 females as against 933 in 2001 and 927 in 1991. Sex-ratio (number of female per 1,000 male) is an indicator of women's status in the society. Whatever is the fluctuation, women constitute at least 48% of the total population.
Socio-economic Status
Amongst the male and female population, there is a wide disparity in literacy. The male literacy rate is 75.96% and female literacy rate is 54.28%. The social system in India promotes education for the male gender while the female population, especially in the interiors of the country, is kept away from schools.
A woman is the first teacher of a Child - Women have many more communication events a day -- gestures, words and that sort of things than a man. A study conducted by PsychTests Inc. reveals that women in general are better at communicating than men. Women scored higher than men on various measures of communication skills, specifically, the ability to listen, empathize, talk openly about feelings, consider the opinions of others etc. 
The percentage of women in occupations including public relations, advertising, writing and design all hold more than 50 percent of the total jobs in United States. Results of another study show that women were drawn to the field because they had the natural skills and ability to do the work. With the concept of gender equality, since the late 1970s women are being attracted to the field of communications in great numbers. In recent years this trend continued with the percentage of women employees in nearly every area of communications increasing year after year. We witness today in the west, the era of feminization of public relations.
In our country, the dominant fields of women are Health & Education while their presence is tangibly felt in Family Planning, Rural Development, and Hotel & Hospitality management. Though women are natural and better communicators than men, they lack skills. If provided with communication skills, they are the best communicators.
Women in Public Relations
While the Society is thus, the present ratio of women members in Public Relations Society of India is less than 5%. Therefore, the Hyderabad Chapter of PRSI decided to constitute a Women's wing which would necessitate identification, enrollment and to accommodating the women working in the areas of public relations, advertising, journalism, media, mass communication, management, customer/client relations, hotel and hospital management and students pursuing studies in the above fields
Hyderabad Chapter of Public Relations Society of India is always ahead of its counter-parts in promoting public relations in the country. In keeping with its mandate, the chapter intended to provide exclusive space for women as suggested by Dr CV Narasimha Reddi. This has been strengthened at the National Public Relations Day Celebrations held on 21st April 2011, where Smt. D.K. Aruna, Hon’ble Minister for Information and Public Relations, Government of Andhra Pradesh attended as Chief Guest and fully supported the new concept.
In order to proceed with the concept, several exercises were made by the Chapter Executive Committee. Taking into various aspects in view, Sri Y Babji, Past Chapter Chairman prepared a draft for placing it before the AGM scheduled on 19th June 2011 for its approval.
Suggestions are solicited on the objectives and the composition of women’s wing to make it a vibrant body “by the women, of the women and for the women” in the field of communication.
In order to proceed further with framing of rules and regulations, a committee will be constituted with the following namely NL Narasimha Rao as Convener and Y Babji and Krishna Baji as Members.

Women’s Wing
Wherever there is a mention of ‘Wing’ it shall be read as “Women’s Wing of PRSI, Hyderabad Chapter”
a) To upgrade professional skills of women personnel of Communication and Public Relations working in various organizations;
b) To provide a platform for exchange of views and experiences in the field of mass communication;
c) To organize training programmes and workshops etc., for the benefit of women PR professionals;
d) To create awareness on the legal rights of women and the key components of empowerment of women &
e) To educate people on violence against women in particular the domestic violence and other social issues like female foeticide, infanticide, dowry death etc
Structure and composition of Executive Committee
There shall be an Executive Committee for the Women’s Wing. The Chapter Chairman (present), in consultation with Chapter Executive Committee and National Council Members of the Chapter will nominate active women members from the fields of Public Relations, Journalism & Management (teaching and practising) to the following positions.
Some senior celebrities/successful women, not more than 3 will be the Advisors to this Women’s wing.
The Chapter Chairman of PRSI, Hyderabad Chapter will act as the Ex-officio Chairman of this Wing.
There shall be one Executive Chairperson, two Executive Vice Chairpersons, one Executive Secretary, two Executive Joint Secretaries and nine Executive Members in the Women’s wing. Thus the total no. of executive is Fifteen excluding Advisors & Ex-officio Chairman.
To become a member of this women’s wing, the membership and other rules governing the members of PRSI will apply as per the constitution of Hyderabad Chapter of PRSI.
The Executive Committee of the Wing shall identify, pursue and enroll women members from all the above mentioned fields as the members of the Chapter. The women members thus enrolled will automatically become the members of the Wing.
Term of Office
There will not be any elections to the positions of the Wing. The term of office of the Executive Committee of Women’s wing is 2 years. The Chapter Chairman elected for the term will nominate the Executive Committee of the Women’s wing within one month from the date of his election, following the composition and structure mentioned above.
The Executive Committee of the Wing may raise funds by way of sponsorships for organizing its programs. The sponsorship money so raised shall first be credited into the account of the Chapter. All the expenditure incurred for organizing programmes etc shall be brought to the books of the Chapter. 
Logo & Official stationery
There shall be a separate logo for the Wing. It shall mean and depict a woman or women empowerment. The logo of PRSI shall invariably be used along with the logo so created on all the official stationery of the wing.
All the correspondence of the Wing shall be signed and made either by the Executive Chairman or the Executive Secretary of the Wing. A copy of each correspondence shall be marked to the Chapter for record. 
Meetings & Programmes
The Executive Committee of the Wing will have its EC meetings once in a month on the same day and place along with Chapter Executive Committee meeting.
The Wing shall organize at least one program per quarter and not less than four in a calendar year on a topic to be decided by the Executive Chairperson of the Wing in consultation with the Chapter Chairman.

Friday, May 6, 2011



The Public Relations Society of India, a national professional body of PR practitioners was established in 1958 with Kali H. Mody as Founder President, as a move to formulate and interpret the objectives and potentialities of Public Relations as a profession and also to undertake professional development programs.

The Public Relations Society of India functioned as an informal body till 1966 when it was registered under the Indian Societies Act. The father figure of Public Relations profession, Farrok S. Mullah who became the President of the professional body in 1966 left an indelible mark on the map of Indian public relations by organizing the First All India Public Relations Conference on April 21, 1968 in New Delhi. It was inaugurated by the then Speaker, Lok Sabha, Dr. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy. The theme of the conference was ‘Professional Approach’. On the same day three Presidents of Foreign Public Relations Associations viz., Public Relations Society of America; International Public Relations Association, London and the European Federation of Public Relations Association attended this conference and enabled the Indian public relations to develop global contacts.

One of the highlights of this day was the adoption of the ‘Code of Athens’, the internationally accepted Code of Ethics for Indian public relations professionals as presented by Dr. Albert Oeckl, the then President, International Public Relations Association. The sapling of professional body planted by Farrok S. Mullah at the First All India PR Conference grew into a mighty 53 year old public relations tree with 33 Regional Chapters and 32 All India Public Relations Conferences, the last one held in Kolkata during December, 2010.

Keeping in view the significance of April 21, 1968 the then National President, Public Relations Society of India Dr. C. V. Narasimha Reddi gave a call to observe the day as National Public Relations Day in 1986 which is being celebrated every year with different themes. As National Public Relations Day completed 25 years, the Silver Jubilee Year of the Day is being observed this year with the theme “Ethics in Governance and Business: Public Relations Perspective”.

This year the National Public Relations Day was organised on the theme " Ethics in Governance and Business: Public Relations Perspective" jointly by PRSI, Hyderabad Chapter and GFPR National Council at Surana Auditorium, FAPCCI, Red Hills, Hyderabad where Smt DK Aruna, Hon'ble Minister for Information & Public Relations, Govt of AP attended as Chief Guest and Sis BK Radhika, Chief of Nagarjuna Management Centre as Guest of Honour. Dr CV Narasimha Reddi presided the program.

At the function, Smt G Aneeja, Technical Officer & PRO of NAARM, Hyderabad was conferred with Dr CVNR's "Best Public Relations Manager of the year" award. Prof Ujjwal K Choudhary, Executive Director of ISB&M, Pune was conferred with GFPR's "Golden Triangle" award. Sri KMK Rao, AGM (Rtd), HMT was also recognised at the occasion and his book "Nannu Nenu Diddukuntu" was also released by the Chief Guest.

The following pledge was taken by members of PRSI & GFPR on the occasion

I ………………………………………………………… Member, Public Relations Society of India/Global Forum for Public Relations do solemnly pledge to conduct myself professionally with integrity, truth, accuracy and responsibility in the service of public relations.

I shall endeavor to update my knowledge and skills through continuing learning process as to communicate effectively the mission of my organization to both internal and external stakeholders for promoting mutual understanding.

I do commit to abide by the code of professional ethics as to maintain the dignity and credibility of our professional body and the profession.